Thursday, May 20, 2010

haiyah update just for you...

lets see..
how did the first semester go again...

there was Eng 105-
what issues !? it was a nightmare of a course. although the professor was one of the best
the stuff he talks about are so philosophically-oriented and im no thinker~ well, only to a certain extent. why oh why. mostly about popular culture and the origins of rock and roll music..
and i had to buy so many story books for it too.
NOW what am i gonna do with them! its just left sitting around.
or shall i burn 'em?

and then there was History forgot #..
history of science wohh..
how uninteresting can it ever be. so much writing !!
three essays ! damn. mistake number two this is !

next, oh beloved Crim 101.
excellent excellent. i do not hate this course. maybe because it was once a week. and all too easy.
la deee laa laaaaa

Bisc 101.
cool enough not to dislike, hard enough to complain about.
i would usually just rush through the non-mandatory labs, and get terrible on the lab exams.

not very good as anyone could tell.

but not to a point where i would fall into the deep pits of depression, oh no.!
does that mean i don't care about my own education??? perhaps.

Things did go on fine after that dreadful start of a school year though, so its not like all hope has been lost, hahaha i always believed that !!

i did realize that the campus is preeetty big. and there were days where one class would be on opposite ends and i would have only ten minutes to spare to get to the other end of the school.

i also realize that it smells like shoes somewhere around the AQ.


Tuesday, September 8, 2009

The first day

Most days you just want to skip through and some you want to savour it until it ends.

But the first days of anything is a bit of a mixed bag. at least..for me.

Today was my first day

My first lecture was Biology in a 500 people hall.

and well its only 50 minutes !

so my tuesdays really only takes me 50 minutes and i am free for the day !

I met some people and there were freebies all around.

Grab Grab Grab it all....

Had free pancakes too, how generous,
considering that we pay an exorbitant amount of tuition fees, that's the least you can do for us students !

Orientation last week was, not helpful....
in providing me the mental image of the campus i wanted.

i need to get my bearings and use campus slang...

I still get lost every now and then, realizing that i have been walking rounds twice, luckily there was a nice security/tour guide lady giving directions to lost students.

But even then, her thick accent does cloud my hearing a little, so i would just reply with a nice thank you and have a nice day.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Colbie Caillat - One Fine Wire.

Tis now September the First.

Why ?
Holidays as we know are gone.

Worldly pleasures will disappear swiftly as hectic schedules begin to emerge.

i guess too much of something would be detrimental.

what a way to start a month. with a virus living inside of me..

Its going to be such an exciting month too !

Orientation is tommorow.
Starting to feel a little nervous about that but good things will happen i believe.

And then there is the first day of school next week, in which confusion starts to sink in,

"where are my textbooks ?"
"where is my class ?"
"who do i go to when i have this problem ?"

the new environment would do one good! Change is always inevitable..
it is both exciting and terrifying at the same time.

The new house would be ready by the end of this month..

Huh, the weird thing is that i have grown accustomed to the place around me.
the small tiny shortcuts, bus routes, the familiarity that i call home.

It is sad to leave a place we have inhabited for quite some time now, but new prospects await !

I have not seen the house yet....only photos and stories..

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Linkin Park.
i feel 13 all over again !

woooosh .....

Summer Summer oh you give me pleasant days.

gosh...she's cute!


House Hunting can get pretty tiresome.
and i am not even a part of that.
Today they made an offer which got shot down by another one.. a higher one of course.

back to the drawing boards i guess eh ?
back to countless hours on the computer looking for appropriate listings.

i would rather just get over it..

Monday, July 27, 2009

The Dutch Rennaisance.

I went to the Vancouver Art Gallery today.

equipped with no understanding of art history whatsoever.

The Dutch paintings were on, its these mind-blowingly detailed oil paintings which just really makes one wonder, "is this really human made ?" crazyyy

I like the service they provide too, the gallery has these audio devices that help explain the paintings, thus giving much meaning as to why it was painted and the artist's history.

Its amazing how one artist creates silver shadings and natural looking reflections by using just the three primary colours!!

It makes me want to aspire to become an artist, but since i can draw kindergarden level drawings such as mr stick-man and companions, mr stick-man's friends, there is really no point in trying

I can only drool and dream of drawing at least a decent sketch of any inanimate object.
yes yes, such is the petty dreams of mine.

But i like Vancouver downtown. its bustling with people albeit the dusty construction going on almost everywhere. shops are much bigger and better but of course being the tourist traps they are,
overpriced merchandise...